Police Report: LTPD

  • Police were called for an incident of harassment in which a local woman was texting another person in Lewistown.  Officers told the woman to stop or she would be arrested.
  • Police received a call from a resident who found a horse that was reported missing over the weekend.  The horse was returned to its owner.
  • Police received a report of burglary and theft of medication that occurred during the night on Daisy Street.
  • Police are investigating a burglary that occurred at Edgewood.  A woman returned to her apartment after being gone a few days and noticed a DVD player and some clothes were missing.  Police have a person of interest.
  • Police are investigating a hit and run that occurred at Lawrence Park Village.
  • Police assisted the Clearfield Borough Police in locating a possible burglary suspect.
  • Police responded to a call of harassment that took place along 20th Street.  The matter was handled at the scene.
  • Police have received reports of ATVs being driven on roadways along 20th and 21st Streets.  Patrols will increase in those areas as a result.
  • Police responded to Bowman’s Hill Road for a report of two prowlers in the area.  Upon arrival the caller advised the police that the people fled up a nearby alley before police arrived.  Police searched the area but were unable to find anyone.
  • Police responded to a noise complaint on Montgomery Run Road.  Responding officers spoke to the parties involved.
Police Report: PSP CLFD
Police Report: CBPD

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