CRC Announces Golden Broom Award for August

CLEARFIELD – Jim’s Sports Center receives the Golden Broom Award for the month of August. The Golden Broom Award is a peer-to-peer summer program initiated by the Design Committee of the Clearfield Revitalization Corporation, (CRC) to promote downtown storefront cleanliness. Each month, the broom is passed from business to business in the Main Street District, with the winner of the previous month’s award in charge of passing it onto the next month’s winner. Last month, Sandee’s Gifts won the award for July and is now passing the August award to Jim’s Sports Center.

Sandee Condon, the owner of Sandee’s Gifts, chose Jim’s Sports Center because the store has always maintained a clean, impressive storefront, especially with the construction that is taking place across the street.  Donna Malloy of Jim’s Sports Center, was thrilled to receive the award, stating that the recognition was “really nice, considering the way the street looks [with the construction].” Malloy also added that staying clean and green is important because it “makes the community look better.”  When asked what she will be looking for regarding the next Golden Broom award winner, Malloy said that when she goes for her evening walks around downtown, she will keep an eye open for “extra neat and green storefronts. 

(Photo provided by Kellie Truman)

Pictured from Left to Right are:

Steve Albert (Design Committee, CRC)

Kellie Truman (Main Street Manager, CRC)

Donna Malloy (Jim’s Sports Center)

Sandee Condon (Sandee’s Gifts)

Keely Casteel ( President, CRC) 

Photo and Press Release Submitted by Ashton Temchulla (Intern, CRC).

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