Nixon, Kot, Schultz, Calhoun, and White Win at Hummingbird Speedway

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Reynoldsville, PA – Fans were treated to not only excellent weather but great racing at Hummingbird Speedway this past Saturday night. Joe Kot andKenny White of DuBois, Adam Nixon of Grampian, Cody Schultz of Clearfield, and Mike Calhoun of Brockway all chalked up wins and received plaques courtesy of Billie Palumbo’s N.T.T.T.C.

After the preliminary qualifying events were complete and the track crew groomed the racing surface for the feature races, the Four Cylinder class was the first to hit the track. Eric Lucas and Alan Barnett led the field to the green flag, and Barnett took the lead. But it was short-lived as Adam Nixon moved from his fourth starting position to gain the lead on lap two. A caution for a spin by Bobby Battaglia on lap three slowed the pace, but Nixon powered into the lead and began to pull away on the restart. At the halfway mark it was all Nixon out front, as he was chased by Barnett, George Bailey, Don Henry, and Lucas. One more caution would fly on lap nine, but again Nixon pulled away and held on for his fourth win of the season. Barnett fell back on the last lap, and following Nixon to the checkers were Bailey, Henry, Lucas, and Mike Anderson. Don Henry and Mike Anderson won the heats.

Next up were the Street Stocks, with Bruce Hartzfeld and Gary Little on the front row. Little took the early lead, and held it through several early cautions for minor spins. But Joe Kot had worked his way to the front and began hounding Little for the lead. He looked low, but was unable to get by Little and on lap six moved to the high side and got by to take the top spot. Halfway through the event it was Kot and Little up front, followed by Jim Bloom, Jamie Price, and Bob Rosman. Kot began to open up his lead as Little and Price battled for second. As the checkered flag flew, Kot took his fourth win of the season. Behind him were Little, Price, Bloom, and Rosman. Heat winners were Orin Taylor and Rosman.

Dwayne Brooks and Eric Moore started on the front row of the Limited Late Model feature event. Moore took the lead on lap one and held it through several early cautions as Brooks & Cody Schultz battled for second and John Chesnalavich & Luke Hoffner battled for fourth. As started Bob Sullinger displayed the halfway signal. Moore continued to lead, with Schultz, Brooks, Hoffner, and Chesnalavich following him. Schultz moved to the high groove and ran side-by-side with Moore before gaining the lead. He began to open up an advantage, but that was erased when a caution flew with three laps remaining. With Moore hot on his tail, Schultz fended off his attempts to get by and hung on for his third win of the season. Moore was second, then Hoffner, Bob McMillen, and Brooks. Schultz and Moore won the heat races.

A field of fifteen Pure Stocks  began their feature with Justin Kanouff and Roswell Babcock on the front row. Kanouff led lap one, but Rayn Hess was the man on the move as he was coming from his seventh starting position to make a charge to the front. Hess passed Kanouf for the lead on lap five, and at the hallway point Hess and Kanouff were followed by Mike Calhoun, Matt Heindl, and Kyle Shannon. Calhoun had worked his way into second with five laps remaining and was closing the gap on Hess when the caution flew on the last lap, putting him right on Hess’s tail. With a green-white-checkered finish, Calhoun was able to work his way under Hess on the final lap and take his second win. Dustin Challingsworth got by Hess for second, Hess was third, Kanouff fourth, and Heindl fifth. Heat winners were Hess and Heindl.

Rounding out the evening’s program were the always exciting Front-Wheel Drive Four Cylinders. Kenny White was on the pole, with Eric Luzier to his outside. White took the lead at the drop of the green flag and never looked back. Behind him at the halfway point were Aaron Luzier, Eric Luzier, Bryan Warren, and Shawn Fedder. At the finish it was White, Aaron Luzier, Fedder, Jacob Kline, and Eric Luzier. Fedder and Ben Smith took the heat race wins.
Seventy one cars were in the pits, with 14 Limited Late Models, 14 Street Stocks, 12 Four Cylinders, 15 Pure Stocks, and 16 Front-Wheel Drive Four Cylinders. Racing action continues next week with trophies being presented in memory of Fred Hollopeter by the Hollopeter family. Gates open at 4:30 with racing starting at 7:00. For more information, check out the tracks website at


1. Adam Nixon, Grampian
2. George Bailey, Clearfield
3. Don Henry, Brockway
4. Eric Lucas, Clearfield
5. Mike Anderson, DuBois
6. Tim Bailey, Clearfield
7. Alan Barnett, Philipsburg
8. Scott McCartney, Grampian
9. Devin Lewis, Weedville
10. Bobby Battaglia
11. (DNS) Bub Murarik, Philipsburg
12. (DNS) Paul Metz Jr., Julian

1. Joe Kot, DuBois
2. Gary Little, Clearfield
3. Jamie Price, Clearfield
4. Jim Bloom, Curwensville
5. Bob Rosman, Sykesville
6. Bruce Hartzfeld, Stump Creek
7. Chad Rougeux, Grampian
8. Paul Blake, Weedville
9. Brandon Connor, DuBois
10. Fuzzy Fields, Brockport
11. Joe Jordan, Wodland
12. Orin Taylor, DuBois
13. (DNS) Bob Ralston, Philipsburg
14. (DNS) Pernell Beimel, St. Marys

1. Cody Schultz, Clearfield
2. Eric Moore, Frenchville
3. Luke Hoffner, Turbotville
4. Bob McMIllen, St. Marys
5. Dwayne Brooks, Falls Creek
6. Josh Young, Berwick
7. Brian Molnar, Falls Creek
8. Ray Farrell, Clearfield
9. Rich Womeldorf, Apollo
10. John Chesnalavich Jr., Reynoldsville
11. Todd Sallack, Punxsutawney
12. Bill Davis, DuBois
13. Kyle Beimel, St. Marys
14. John Reed, Reynoldsville

1. Mike Calhoun, Brockway
2. Dustin Challingsworth, St. Marys
3. Ryan Hess, Frenchville
4. Justin Kanouff, Clearfield
5. Matt Heindl, St. Marys
6. Kyle Shannon, Brockway
7. Charlie Powell, DuBois
8. Dave Kohler, Stump Creek
9. Shawn Munoz, Punxsutawney
10. Jeff Krach, Falls Creek
11. Jim Challingsworth, St. Marys
12. Mike Miller, DuBois
13. Roswell Babcock, Curwensville
14. Ryan Jones, Clearfield
15. Frank Mayhew, Clearfield

1. Kenny White, DuBois
2. Aaron Luzier, Clearfield
3. Shawn Fedder, Clearfield
4. Jacob Kline, Sykesville
5. Eric Luzier, Clearfield
6. Bryan Warren, Curwensville
7. Josh Frantz, Punxsutawney
8. Lee Zalno, Clearfield
9. Doug Surra, Kersey
10. Stephanie Lucas, Centre Hall
11. Brandon Hoffner, Turbotville
12. Mike Luzier, Shiloh
13. Walt Fedder, Curwensville
14. Rich Lucas, Wallaceton
15. Ben Smith, Penfield
16. (DNS) Dustin Kemp, Clearfield

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