Resident Upset with Contractor on LT Sewer Project

(Gantdaily Graphic)

CLEARFIELD?- The Lawrence Township Supervisors got an ear-full from residents Tuesday night.

Carol Ferranti came before the supervisors to ask whether she would have to hire surveyors to re-stake her property or if the township would send a surveyor out to do that. The question comes after someone from Maxwell Trucking removed the stakes from the back corner of her property. Ferranti said she had the property surveyed after she bought the property.

Supervisor Glenn Johnston asked Ferranti if she had talked to the inspectors of the job to which she answered yes. Ferranti said she also sent a written complaint to the company. She also said that Tim McDermott, whom she was told is the head of the project, will not speak to her regarding her property.

Johnston said that if Maxwell knocked down, or removed, pins they are responsible to replace them. He also said they would look into why the pins have not been replaced on her property.

“We have concerns already. If we have to add this to the list, we will,” Johnston told Ferranti.

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