LT Supers Split on Pending Legislation

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CLEARFIELD?- The Lawrence Township Supervisors had a difference of opinion when it came time to vote on pending legislation in Harrisburg.

The pending legislation proposes to eliminate local municipalities and make one government under the county.

Jim Naddeo, solicitor for the township, explained that they would be voting on a “political type of resolution to be passed on to your legislature that you are opposed.”

Supervisor Ed Brown voted to oppose the legislation, which was seconded by Bill Lawhead. Glenn Johnston opposed the vote.

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One thought on “LT Supers Split on Pending Legislation

  1. Art Minds

    As a native of Clearfield County and now living on the opposite side of the country, I appreciate having a local news source such as But your coverage of the vote of the LT supervisors on this topic omits reference to the actual legislative bill, and at least a sentence or two of it applicability and status in the legislative process. You make a statement that it would “eliminate local municipalities” to be replaced with one county government. If such a statement is true on its face, wouldn’t this article merit mention of its applicability to Clearfield Borough and any of the other boroughs or townships in Clearfield County?

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