B.I.G. Competition Under Way

What does Polliwog Academy Educational Games have in common with a mailbox protection system, fitness software, and a multiple bicycle carrier? All of them were among the myriad of entries submitted for the B.I.G.* (*Business Ideas Gone wild) first annual Competition which ended in September 2009. Award winners were announced in November, with John Sider, Deputy Secretary for the Technology Investment Office within the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, serving as guest speaker for the awards banquet. Kerri Presloid, originator of the Polliwog Academy, was the grand prize winner and is on her way to seeing the games become part of the educational interactions parents have with their children.

The second annual Competition began on July 14 with all submissions due by midnight, Wednesday, Aug. 25.The applicants must be at least 18 years of age and the contest is open to all individuals, teams, and small businesses, located in Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, or Potter County. Over $4000 in cash coupled with partner services, which include establishing brand identity, engineering services, market research, and other targeted assistance, will be awarded to this year’s winners.

According to John Weible, Business Development Coordinator for North Central PA Regional Planning and Development Commission and Competition co-sponsor, “This year’s Competition includes more cash for ideas as well as an expanded list of services from which winners may select to advance their product or process idea. The participants in the first year of the Competition indicated that the experience was a great one to have in the local area and gave them a chance to more fully develop their ideas and present them to others. We are looking for even more ideas and excitement associated with this year’s Competition.

Complete details about the Competition are available on the Web site. All applications are to be submitted electronically. Ideas may be for a new product, new business process, or for dramatic improvements in things that already exist. All eligible submissions will be judged and ranked using a B.I.G.* Competition judges panel comprised of local business professionals.

“There are so many great ideas out there,” says Sally Moran, Office for Technology Transfer coordinator at Penn State DuBois, a co-sponsor of the Competition. “Last year’s entries showcased the creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit that exist in the area.? I hope even more people will consider submitting ideas they have. The submission process is very easy.”

BIG ideas can produce big results, now and for the future. Now is the time to reinvestigate those ideas you have had over the years for new products or processes to make life easier for all of us. B.I.G.* is ready to hear from you!

John Weible

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