Police Report: LTPD


  • Police were called for a traffic violation on state Route 879 in which a coal truck was seen swerving on the road.
  • Police are investigating a hit and run that occurred at Timber Line Credit Union.
  • Police assisted Domestic Relations with serving a warrant to a man from the Plymptonville area.
  • Police received a report of a suspicious man at Wal-mart. He was asking shoppers for money. Wal-mart staff talked to the man and he left. Police looked for the man but were unable to find him.
  • Police receved a report of theft from a former resident. Police looked into the matter and found it to be civil in nature.
  • Police responded to an incident of disorderly conduct on Daisy Street Extension.
  • Police responded to a psychological emergency behind Sids Subs. The woman was transported to the Clearfield Hospital for evaluation. Police were assisted by the Clearfield Emergency Medical Service.
  • Police assisted the Pennsylvania State Police of DuBois with a hit and run on Interstate 80.
  • Police received a report of harassment from a township person. The caller did not wish to press charges. Police talked to both parties involved.
  • Police are investigating a report of theft from Mountain Laurel. They found that a member of the staff had placed the purse in a containment unit.
  • Police reposnded to a truck that had broken down on state Route 879 near Interstate 80. Bricen towed the vehicle.
  • Police responded to a burglary in the Wolf Run area. Police apprehended the person responsible and took him to the hospital.
  • Police assisted another agency in attempting to locate a person involved in a criminal mischeif and trespass by motor vehicle incident.


Police Report: PSP-Philipsburg
Police Report: CBPD

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