Police Report: LTPD

  • Police are investigating the theft of medication from a motel room.  A man traveling from Massachusetts to Ohio had a bottle of pills taken from his room.  The victim provided the name of a person of interest and the invesigation continues. 
  • Police received a report of a disabled vehicle on Daisy Street Extension.  The motorist had roadside assistance responding to the locaton.
  • Police responded to a domestic dispute on Dorey Street Extension.  Police separated the parties for the night.
  • Police recieved a report of a traffic violation that occurred in PA State Police’s area.  Clearfield Borough was able to stop the vehicle and found that the driver was fine.
  • Police were called to a domestic disturbance at Edgewood Apartements.  Police arrived and found that the dispute was between a father and a son. Police were able to handle the incident at the scene.
  • Police responded to a  possible assault along Deacon Road. 
  •  Police responded to an alarm in the Hillsdale area.
  • Police responded  to a call of possible shots fired in the area of Willow Drive and Martin Street Extension.  Police found that the cause for the noise was fireworks being set off up the street.
  • Police received a call of a possible intoxicated indvidual driving from the area Sheetz towards Curwensville.
  • Police responded to the Clearfeld Middle School for a report of suspicious activity. 
  • Police responded to a burglar alarm at  C. Classic Dodge. Upon arrival police found the delivery man tripped the alarm.
  • Police assisted out of state Children and Youth Sevices for Noble County, Ohio.  Police assisted the agency in taking custody of three children from a room at the Days Inn Motel.
  • Police were called to a two vehicle accident on state Route 879 and Industrial Park Road. 
  • Police received a second call for another accident at the Hyde intersection involving a motorist and a motorcycle.  Nick Miele of Clearfield was traveling in an easterly direction when he had another vehicle driven by Jessica Heise of Clearfield enter his lane of travel, resulting in an accident.  Miele had multiple facial linjuries and a possible concussion and was flown to Altoona Trauma Center.
  • Police were called for a possile DUI on Market Street Heading to Mount Joy Road. The incident was listed as unfounded. 
  • Police assisted an individual in getting home after his vehicle broke down.
  • Police located a vehicle that was trespassing in the Lwarence Twonship Recrational Park after hours.
  • Police were called to the Hyde light for a non reportable accident.
  • Police were called to the area of McGeorge and Four Mile Road for an incident of criminal mischief where two suspected males were obseved shooting at the black pipe line that runs down Four Mile Road to the gas wells.  Individauls used a small caliber gun to tshoot at the line and then fled the area in two sepatate vehicles.  There was damgae done to the line and anyone with information is aksed to contact police.  Extra patrols were requested. 
  • Police were called for a supicious male on state Route 879 and Interstate 80.
  • Police received  a report of a possible fight on Weaver Street Extension.
  • Police received a report of reckless driving near Tractor Supply.
Police Report: Philipsburg PSP
Police Report: Ridgway PSP

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