DuBois K of C Donates Solar Lights to Illuminate Monument on Monument Hill

Bob Spiker of the Knights of Columbus hangs lights on the fence surrounding the DuBois monument. (Photo provided by Steve Harmic)

DUBOIS – The Knights of Columbus (K of C) of DuBois has donated four solar-powered lights to illuminate the monument on Monument Hill above Penn State DuBois.

The large granite monument marks the grave site of John DuBois, who founded the town of DuBois, and is topped by a statue of a woman said to represent hope. High atop the hill, it overlooks the town and the land that once held his estate and mills where the Penn State campus is today.  DuBois made his fortune in the lumber industry, and owned and operated a large sawmill that was once located across today’s route 255 from the campus.  He died in 1886. 

Members of the K of C say they made this donation of lights because they want to honor and remember a man who did so much for the area.

“The more light we shine on this person, the stronger the community will be,” said Tom Shade, K of C District Deputy. “The monument stands at one of the highest points in DuBois, so at night, with a little illumination, it should be visible from most places in town.”

“We’re thrilled that the members of the Knights of Columbus made this generous donation that will help to honor John DuBois,” said John Luchini, Penn State DuBois Business Services Director. “He was the founder of this town, and his legacy has always had an enormous impact on our campus.”

“The people of DuBois need to honor this man,” Shade said. “He was an outstanding individual.”

More information about John DuBois can be found in the campus history book, Penn State DuBois Proud, available by contacting the Alumni Relations Office at 814-375-4775.  

Steve Harmic, Penn State DuBois

Photo: Chukar
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