PA Insurance Dept. Announces High Risk Pool Submission, One of First States to Submit Under Proposal Under National Health Care Reform Act

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania has submitted to the federal government its proposal for a temporary high-risk insurance pool for a limited number of the currently uninsured who have health conditions that preclude them from securing coverage elsewhere, announced Insurance Commissioner Joel Ario.

“Our high-risk insurance pool will help several thousand Pennsylvanians who are simply unable to afford health insurance due to pre-existing medical conditions,” Ario said. “Now that our plan is submitted, we look forward to the Department of Health and Human Services approving our proposal so we can begin implementing this much-needed program in our state.”

Pennsylvania’s high-risk insurance pool provides the commonwealth access to more than $160 million of federal funds to provide coverage and care to high-risk Pennsylvanians until the new insurance exchanges that will be created as part of the national Health Care Reform Act in 2014.

To view Pennsylvania’s high-risk pool proposal, go to and click on the icon “Health Care Reform & You.”

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