Police Report: Lawrence Township

– Police are currently investigating an incident of criminal mischief that occurred on Bowman’s Hill Road. A person(s) placed roofing nails in a resident’s driveway.

– Police are currently investigating the theft of two urns from a floral shop. They indicated the urns are four to six feet high and black in color.

– Police assisted a stranded motorist.

– Police are currently investigating the theft of an aluminum drive shaft. They said the shaft was removed from under a black, Ford pick-up between Saturday night and Tuesday morning at Wallace Auto Sales on South Second Street. Officers indicated they will be contacting local scrap yards about the incident.

– Police handled an incident, which involved a disabled vehicle.

– Police received a report about a theft from a purse. A woman related she left her purse unattended while she was shopping. When she returned, she told police she discovered that $100 was missing. Officers are conducting interviews and reviewing store surveillance. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

– Police were called about an incident of harassment, when someone reported being “flipped off.” Officers listed the incident as unfounded.

– Police were called for a retail theft that occurred at the Snappy’s Convenience Store. They listed it as unfounded.

– Police received a call about a possible phone scam.

– While on patrol, police discovered an open door to a business that is located in Wolf Fun. Officers searched the building and then secured the same.

– Police were called to a residence for a trespass complaint during which someone was riding a tractor. The incident was handled at the scene.

– Police responded to a report of a missing juvenile along Washington Avenue. Officers said the child was found with a parent.

– Police responded to a traffic complaint for a light that wasn’t working at the intersection of Fulton and River Roads.

– Police received a complaint regarding a civil issue. They referred the individual to the magistrate.

– Police assisted the Clearfield Borough Police Department with a domestic disturbance, which involved a weapon, along East Locust Street.

Police Report: Clearfield PSP
Police Report: Clearfield Borough