CASD Awards Re-Bid for High School Re-roofing Project

CLEARFIELD – At a regular meeting Monday night, the Clearfield Area School District Board of Directors awarded the re-bid for the high school’s re-roofing project.

They unanimously accepted the low bid from David Maines Associates, Inc., of Lewistown, in the amount of $1,571,384.

J. Greer Hayden, of HHSDR Architects/Engineers, said the district received a Base Bid B of $1,781,513 for a Garland Hot Asphalt Roofing Application. 

In addition, he said their Alternative No. 1B was for a Substitute Tremco hot adhesive applied, modified built-up roofing system. He indicated that it came with a $210,129 deduct.

Hayden said they opened the re-bids for the project last week. He said they picked up two additional bidders for a total of six. He said they were lower than the first group of bids.

“The re-bid worked out for us,” board President Dave Glass said.

According to a May 4 GantDaily report, the board unanimously agreed to rescind the previous award to R.H. Marcon, Inc., of State College, due to a discovered error in the bid amount.

As a result, the board then unanimously agreed to reject all of the project’s initial bids. In doing so, they followed by authorizing for the project to be re-bid.

At its April 26 meeting, the board proceeded forward with the high school re-roofing project, accepting the initial low bid from R.H. Marcon, Inc.

During his presentation at that meeting, Hayden reviewed the bids for the project. In his bid summary, he indicated R.H. Marcon, Inc. proposed a total roofing construction contract in the amount of $1,653,810.

Further, he indicated that their Base Bid B for a Garland Hot Asphalt Roofing Application was set in the amount of $1,998,940.

He said their Alternative No. 1B was for the Substitute Tremco hot adhesive applied, modified built-up roof membrane with the deduct of $345,130.

On May 4, Hayden said they had since realized the bid amount was incorrect. He said R.H. Marcon Inc. should have had a bid total that read in the amount of $1,853,130.

Hayden explained that the $345,130 amount was deducted from Base Bid B. However, he said it should have been deducted from Base Bid A.

“It now exceeds the budget that we’ve put together,” Hayden said of the revised bid amount. He said R.H. Marcon, Inc. was unwilling to accept the bid contract.

Hayden said the board could either accept the revised bid amount in the area of $1.8 million, or they could rescind the prior motion. He said if they chose to re-bid the project, they could still meet the project deadline.

Also on Monday night, the board appointed ArroActiv, Inc., of Altoona, to oversee the re-roofing project at a cost not to exceed more than $8,000 per month.

Paul R. Caracciolo, II, president of the project managing and scheduling service, approached the board, before they approved the hiring of ArroActiv, Inc.

Caracciolo said they have managed projects, which ranged from new construction to additions and renovations. He said they managed the roofing project at the Purchase Line Area High School.

Caracciolo said they were proposing a full-time site manager for Clearfield’s high school re-roofing project. He said they’d schedule the workdays, determine the number of workers, etc.

Caracciolo also said they’d ensure all of the proper clearances were obtained and available to the district. He said they’d provide photo documentation throughout the course of the project.

“We review every single candidate’s clearances. We watch those very closely,” Caracciolo said. Superintendent Dr. Richard C. Makin said the photo documentation would be essential to the project’s completion.

Caracciolo said they would photograph certain areas of roofing each day. He said if they had problem areas arise, it would allow them to address them quickly. He said they’d provide the district with the photographs at the conclusion of the project.

According to Caracciolo, they have worked with HHSDR Architects/Engineers on several projects in the past. He said they already have an established relationship there that could carry over into the high school re-roofing project.

Rick Bunning, director of buildings and grounds, said he had a full schedule of projects, in addition to his custodial and maintenance duties over the summer. He advised the board to invest in project management from ArroActiv, Inc.

“It’d be expensive. But it’d be worth it,” Bunning said. Caracciolo said the district needed someone on site all the time – full-time. He said they needed someone who would stay on top of the project and ensure it was “done right.”

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