Police Report: LTPD

  • Police are investigating an incident of witness intimidation. Officers have recovered evidence.
  • Police issued several traffic citations resulting from an accident investigation.
  • Police responded to a vehicle in a ditch on Flegal Road. The driver was trying to turn around and backed off the road. Officers arrived to find that the driver had already summoned assistance.
  • Police are investigating a theft from Goshen Road. Over the winter someone removed a red tiller from the property.
  • Police responded to a report of reckless driving on Daisy Street Extension. The vehicle was gone when officers arrived.
  • Police responded to a request for information on Megan’s Law. Officers provided the requested information.
  • Police responded to an audible alarm at a local business.
  • Police assisted a New York man who became stranded at CoGo’s on state Route 879. The man and his companion were taking a cab from New York City to Ohio when they pulled into CoGo’s to fuel up. When the two went inside to use the restroom the cab driver fled the area with their personal belongings in the vehicle. Officers were able to track the cab driver on I-80 and had him return to give the people their belongings.
  • Police received a report of a stolen cell phone from Mojo’s. The phone was stolen from the stage area and is described as a Verizon blue ENV3.
Police Report: LTPD
Police Report: LTPD

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