Clearfield Man Charged with Burglary

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CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man who once served on Clearfield Borough Council has been charged with burglary and related offenses.

Barry Reddinger, 34 of Clearfield, has been charged with burglary, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and criminal trespass.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the Lawrence Township Police Department was called on April 30 that the owner of a residence on Pifer Road wished to speak with an officer regarding a burglary that occurred at his home. Sgt. James Glass met with the residents who told him that sometime on April 30, between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m., someone entered their home and removed money ($4,710). One resident said the front door was unlocked during the incident. They told Glass that their son had spent the night the evening beofre and left around mid-morning. As he was leaving, the cleaning lady had arrived.

Glass questioned the homeowners about the cleaning lady and whether she could be a suspect. They told him she had been with the family for about two years. It was determined that she was not a suspect. At this time the alleged victims’ son arrived. He was questioned by Glass as to what time he left and such. He explained that Reddinger, a family friend, arrived at his residence, which was up the road from his parent’s home. He said the son and Reddinger spoke for a short time before Reddinger indicated to the son that he needed to get to the vet to get medication for one of his animals.

One of the homeowners indicated to Glass that whoever had removed the cash must have known where it was located. He indicated the person must have went straight to the hiding place and removed the currency. He said that no other items had been tampered with. The father then asked the son what time Reddinger had been at his residence, and he answered around 12:30 p.m. Glass then told them he would be in contact with the neighbors to see if they had witnessed anything. He also asked the son if he had Reddingers’ number so he could contact him, and was provided with such. Glass said Reddinger may have witnessed someone or a vehicle around the residence at the time of the incident.

Glass spoke with Reddinger that evening regarding the incident. He stated that Reddinger told him he did not see anyone around the home the first time he went to the son’s residence. He said Reddinger told him he went to the son’s a second time to see if the son was there and again passed by. He reportedly told Glass that he saw no one at this time. Glass asked Reddinger if he knew anything about a blue Chevy truck being on Pifer Road, to which Reddinger said no.

On May 3 Glass received a call from Clearfield County Control directing him to contact one of the alleged victims. He called and one of the alleged victims told him that he had called Reddinger and questioned him about the theft. He said that Reddinger told him that he did it and that he would give them back their money. He said when Reddinger arrived he was short $300, to which Reddinger said he would go back to his residence and retrieve the rest. He said his son rode with Reddinger  and the caller (talking to Glass) rode in his own vehicle behind them. Once their he said Reddinger provided him with the rest of the money and the father and son rode back together.

Glass said that the mother received a note on her windshield where she works on Sunday (May 2) from Reddinger to her family. According to the affidavit Reddinger asked the family to forgive him. Glass was provided with letter.

On May 5 Glass contacted Reddinger and asked if he would speak with him at the LTPD station, to which Reddinger agreed. According to the affidavit Reddinger was provided with a copy of his Miranda warnings. Reddinger advised Glass that he understood and waived his Miranda rights.

Glass asked Reddinger if he would like to tell him what happened or write it down, then go over the written statement. He reported that Reddinger said he would rather write it down. According to the affidavit, Reddinger’s statement read that he was visiting the son on April 25 at Reddinger’s home. The two were longtime friends. He wrote that they were talking and the topic of money arose. He wrote that the son told him his parents had a large sum of money they kept in their home, about $8,000. Glass reported that Reddinger wrote he tried to talk himself out of it and that he did not want to take the money.

On May 30 Reddinger parked his vehicle up the road from the alleged vicitms’ home. He then opened their garage door and went inside. He said he went in, found another door and was surprised it was unlocked. He wrote he went in and took roughly $5,000 in cash. Reddinger said it was at about 1:30 p.m. on April 30.

Reddinger went on in his statement that he was very sorry for the act. Glass told him that he would talk with the alleged victims to see if they wanted to press charges. Glass said he would get back to him on the beginning of the week of May 17.

As noted above, Reddinger served as an elected official on Clearfield Borough Council, as a respresentative of Fourth Ward, until his term expired last year.

A summons was issued to Reddinger on May 12. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 16.

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