Clearfield Borough Council to Consider Requests from Police, Fire Departments

CLEARFIELD –  Clearfield Borough Council met Thursday night for their committee meeting and under the Public Works Committee, the fire department asked for a $4,500 expenditure of budgeted fire department funds to go toward a new hydraulic pump and jaws-of-life cutter.

The hydraulic pump they currently have is failing to do it’s job and the cutter is 38-years old. 

The fire department and the relief association are being asked to pay a third of the expenditure as well.

The fire department may also be getting new windows and paving due if a $25,000 grant modification is signed and approved.  Originally the money was to go toward new lockers, however, a PEMA grant covered that expense.  Leslis Stott, borough operations manager, amended the grant to request the windows and paving. 

Another grant that would benefit the police department was amended from requesting benches and desks to requesting computer equipment.  That grant is worth $5,000.

Jeff Rhone, chief of police for Clearfield Borough, said that the open house that was held last Saturday was a “very successful event.”  He said that about 100 people attended the open house.

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