Police Report: Clearfield Borough

– Police handled a complaint for harassment by communications.

– Police will be citing a Frenchville male for passing a school bus, while its red lights were flashing.

– Police responded to the East Market Street Laundromat for a male who was sleeping inside. The male was sent on his way.

– Police were called to the Clearfield Hospital for a male who was having mental issues. He was transported back to the hospital after leaving the building. Officers were assisted by the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Office.

– Police responded to Spruce Street for an unwanted person. The person left prior to police arrival at the scene.

– Police responded to East Locust Street for a disturbance.

– Police responded to an accident at the intersection of East Market and North Third Streets.

– Police responded to a verbal dispute at a residence along South Front Street.

– Police responded to Sheetz for a reported unwanted person. Officers asked the male to leave the premises.

– Police recovered a bumper to a vehicle along Woodland Road. They indicated the vehicle may have been involved in a hit and run.

– Police were able to assist two individuals by transporting them from Clearfield to an address in Hyde.

– Police made contact with two males who were to be engaged in a fight along Cemetery Road.

– Police handled an incident of harassment by communications.

– Police handled a burning complaint along Stewart Avenue.

– Police reported that a female lost a cell phone in the area of JG Food Warehouse.

Police Report: Clearfield PSP
Police Report: LTPD