Local Fire Departments Share More Than $270,000 in Grants

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HARRISBURG – State Rep. Camille “Bud” George, D-74 of Clearfield County, today said that 27 local volunteer fire and ambulance departments will share more than $270,000 in grants.

“The money is but a small down-payment on all that our volunteer emergency responders do for our communities,” George said. “More needs to be done to bolster the ranks of these life-savers so they don’t have to spend so much time raising funds and recruiting members.”

George said the State Fire Commissioners’ office informed him that the following companies have been approved for 2009-10 Volunteer Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grants:

-BJW Volunteer Fire Co., $9,746;

-Chester Hill Hose Co., $9,500;

-Clearfield Emergency Medical Services Inc., $5,264;

-Clearfield Volunteer Fire Dept., $40,960;

-Columbia Fire Co. No. 1, Osceola Mills, $10,240;

-Community Volunteer Fire Dept., Mahaffey, $9,746;

-Glen Hope Fire Co., $9,500;

-Glendale Volunteer Fire Dept., Engine Co. No. 1, $9,725;

-Goshen Twp. Volunteer Fire Co., $9,500;

-Grampian-Penn-Bloom Volunteer Fire Co., $10,980;

-Grassflat Volunteer Fire. Co., $9,500;

-Houtzdale Fire Co. No. 1, $9,746;

-Houtzdale-Ramey EMS, $5,251;

-Hyde Volunteer Fire. Co., $9,551;

-Irvona Volunteer Fire Co., $9,993;

-Irvona Volunteer Ambulance Service, $5,264;

-Karthaus Volunteer Fire Co., $9,500;

-Lawrence Twp. Fire Co. No. 1, $11,968;

-Lawrence Twp. Fire Co. No. 3, $9,500;

-Madera Volunteer Ambulance Service, $5,264;

-Mahaffey Community Ambulance Services, $5,264;

-Morris Twp. Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1, $10,240;

-Ramey Volunteer Fire Co., $9,500;

-Rescue Hose & Ladder Ambulance Service, Curwensville, $5,122;

-Rescue Hose & Ladder Fire Co., Curwensville, $11,617;

-Westover Area Volunteer Fire Co., $8,375;

-Winburne Fire Co., No. 1, $10,240.

The grant program receives $25 million annually through 2012 from Pennsylvania gaming proceeds.

George reminded the fire and ambulance companies that they still must submit a signed grant agreement by Dec. 1. The form, authorizing disbursal of the approved grants, is available at the state Fire Commissioner’s Web site.

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