• An undisclosed amount of money was turned in to police. The money was found in the Weaver Street area. The owner can claim it at the station.
  • Police received a report that a 15-year-old girl ran away from home overnight. She was located at Lawrence Park Village and returned to her family. The Lawrence Township Police Department assisted with the call out.
  • Police received a report that a Clearfield resident accidentally struck a parking meter. Officers got his name and insurance information.
  • Police responded to East End for an attempted burglary.
  • Police responded to an accident on Turnpike Avenue.
  • Police were called to assist emergency medical services on Reed Street.
  • Police responded to a disturbance at an establishment.
  • Police arrested a man for public drunkenness. He is being held in Clearfield County Jail.
  • Police arrested a man who was wanted by the Sheriff’s Department.
  • Police are investigating an incident in which an underage boy is using a man’s identification to purchase alcohol.
  • Police issued several parking tickets.
  • A set of keys were turned in to police. The ring contains several keys including a large Ford ignition key.
  • Police arrested a man around 1 p.m. on Firday for public drunkenness on East Market Street. He was taken to Clearfield County Jail.
  • Police checked on a suspicious man on Krebs Avenue.
  • Police responded to a 911 hang-up call in East End. It was a misdial.
  • Police responded to East Market Street for kids left unattended in a vehicle. It was gone prior to police arrival.

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