• Police were called to the Clearfield High School for a traffic violation that occurred on Old Town Road that involved a girl who was tailgating, weaving in and out, and traveling too fast.
  • Police received a parking complaint from the township supervisors.  People are parking at the Starz building parking lot and carpooling.  Police want to remind the public that the parking lot is township property and parking there, other than for business purposes, will result in the vehicles being ticketed or even towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Police were called to an incident of criminal mischief that occurred at Wal-Mart involving a parked vehicle.
  • Police served subpoenas for an upcoming trial.
  • Police answered some questions on where to park during the Starz cheerleading events.
  • Police arrested a man for retail theft at Wal-Mart.
  • Police fielded civil questions from a Hyde resident.
  • Police assisted the Clearfield Borough Police Department with an incident on East Locust Street.
PSP DuBois

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