March 5

  • Police received a report from a woman who was hit from behind while stopped at a red light.  She and the other driver exchanged information before the other driver left.  She just wanted to advise them of the accident.
  • Police were advised of a problem that took place on Jeffers Street in which an 8-year old boy was running around outside of a building and banging on the door of New Story.  Police spoke with the people inside who told them the boy’s grandmother was inside filling out paperwork in order to have him evaluated and the boy did not like her answers.  The boy ran out and she grabbed him.  He then grabbed an umbrella and ice scrapper and then bit her.  Police were advised that crisis was called and they were waiting for their arrival.
  • Police responded to a two-vehicle accident that occurred along the 300 block of Liberty Boulevard.  Upon speaking to the drivers the police learned that one driver was traveling north on Brady Street, in the turning lane, and attempted to turn into the American Legion.  That driver said he did not see the other vehicle and started to make the left turn which caused the other vehicle to hit.  Police filled out the accident exchange form and both vehicles were driven from the scene.
  • Police reported an incident of burglary in which a woman stated she and her daughter were playing a game in the bedroom when she heard someone come into the apartment.  She told police she did not see anyone.  Police cleared the apartment.  The woman was advised that nothing was taken and to call the police if she heard anything else.
  • Police are investigating a report of a hit and run that occurred on the 400 block of Pifer Street.  A woman reported that a dark colored vehicle hit her vehicle while she was dropping her son off.  She was unable to get any other information regarding the vehicle.
  • Police responded to an alarm at the post office on Hoover Avenue.  They checked the building and found it to be secure.
  • During a patrol, police observed a vehicle that failed to stop for a clearly posted stop sign on North State Street and West Long Avenue.  They attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver did not stop.  Police were led on a pursuit that ended on West Long Avenue Extension when the vehicle got stuck in the snow.  The man then led police on a foot pursuit.  The man was finally apprehended a short time later.  Charges were filed.
  • Police received a report of a possible driving under the influence in Sandy Township and driving into the city.  A vehicle was reported as almost hitting a police cruiser.  The vehicle was stopped and the driver appeared to be under the influence.  Police also found drug paraphernalia on him and in plain view inside the vehicle.  He was transported to the DuBois City police station and later released to his mother.  He was charge with DUI.

March 6

  • Police were dispatched to Martin’s Grocery Store for a report of retail theft.  Police were advised that a woman was in custody.  She was found to have opened a box and then put the contents in her purse.  She paid for other groceries and then exited the store without paying for the items in her purse which totaled $14.99.  Charges of retail theft were filed against her. 
  • Police were requested to call a man concerning a suspicious call he received.  The man told police that a person told him they were from Philips and Coen and wanted to let him know that someone in his family had passed away and had left him money.  The caller-identification showed the call was from Delaware.  Police received numerous complaints of the same thing happening.

March 7

  • Police responded to an act of vandalism on Pifer Street.  A man reported that someone damaged the dual exhaust on his vehicle.
  • Police were called to another act of vandalism on Pifer Street in which a man said someone cut the driver’s side front tire of his vehicle.
  • Police were dispatched to East Second Avenue for a report of damage to a truck.  The owner said there was damage done to the driver’s side mirror and the driver’s side tire was flattened.
  • Police responded to a call in which a woman reported two teenage boys were trying to steal her cat.  The woman saw the boys starting to leave in a tan colored sedan with her cat.  She screamed at them and they left the cat out of the vehicle and drive away.
  • Police responded to West Long Avenue where a domestic incident was in progress.  The incident was physical in nature.  Upon arrival they found a man running in between houses.  The man was place in handcuffs for the officer’s safety.  The man was identified and police spoke to all parties involved and found that he was fighting because he was drunk and did not want to go home.  There was no physical contact among the parties involved.  He was released to a friend.  He was cited for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.
  • Police responded to an incident on First Street that involved a person with a knife/medical emergency.  Upon arrival they found the person sitting at the table holding a knife.  The person complied with police and dropped the knife and was then transported to DuBois Regional Medical Center for evaluation.
  • Police responded to a fight that was in progress on East Second Avenue in which they found a father lying on his son.  The son was upset because he grounded so he jumped out his bedroom window and left the house.  The boy did not want to go with his father.  The boy’s probation officer was called and arrangements were made for him to stay with his grandfather for the night.
  • Police responded to the area of McClure Street and West Second Avenue where they found a man who appeared to be passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle.  Upon arrival they approached the vehicle and found the man to be under the influence of something.  They saw the man pick up a can and spray something into his mouth.  The can was taken from him.  The man attempted to exit the vehicle and was swinging his arm at the police.  He was ordered to sit back in the vehicle and turn the car off.  The man complied with the request.  Police were able to identify him.  Police reported that Hanslovan was difficult to understand due to slurred speech.  Police also reported him to be disoriented and confused.  They detected an aerosol odor coming from the vehicle.  They found him to be impaired due to huffing computer duster.  He was transported to DuBois Regional Medical Center by ambulance.  After being released he was transported to the city police station to have the drug influence evaluation administered.  They found him to be under the influence of inhalants to a degree that impaired his ability to safely drive, operate, or be in physical control of a vehicle.  He was arrested for driving under the influence.
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PSP DuBois

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