Clarion University Contributes $75,000 to Fire Department Campaign

Pictured are Clarion University President Joseph Grunenwald, Clarion Students Association President Garrett Mincin, Clarion University Foundation President Chuck Leach, Campaign Chairperson Joanne Vavrek, Fire Relief Association President Tim Magrini, and Assistant Chief Glenn Laforme. (Photo provided by University Relations)

CLARION – Three Clarion University groups are giving a total contribution of $75,000 in support of the recently launched Clarion Fire & Hose Co. No. 1 Building Fund Campaign.

 “The entire Clarion University community is thankful for the support of the greater Clarion Area community and the invaluable service of the Clarion Fire and Hose Co. No. 1,” said Clarion University President Joseph Grunenwald.

 “Three members of our community, Clarion University, the Clarion University Foundation, Inc., and the Clarion Students Association, are joining to provide a total contribution of $75,000 to this important Building Fund Campaign,” continued Grunenwald.

 The $550,000 campaign supports critical repairs for the Clarion Fire Department’s home on Wood Street in Clarion.  The building repairs are concentrated on the original, historical building.

 “In March of 1876 the Clarion Fire & Hose Company #1 was officially granted a fire company by petition from the Clarion County Courts, said Dave Walters, company president.  “Since then the Fire Hall has been located on Wood Street.  The original part of the building is still used today and the portions that are historically significant still exist.”

 Clarion University recognizes the tremendous service provided by the local fire department and six students also belong to the 49-member company.

 “The volunteers of the Clarion Fire Department deserve the support of the entire community and we are pleased to be able to make the sacrifices necessary to make contributions of $25,000 each from the University, Foundation, and Students’ Association to this building fund campaign,” said Grunenwald.

 “Clarion University was founded in 1867 by the community and Clarion Fire and Hose followed closely in 1876,” continued Grunenwald.  “Together the two groups have nearly 300 years of service to the greater Clarion area.  Even though times are challenging, we should strive to meet the goals of the campaign so that service can continue.  Together we can.”

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