Police Report: Lawrence Township

– Police were called for two traffic complaints. They indicated their first was on the four lanes and the second on Old Town Road near the intersection.

– Police were called for a pyramid scam that’s to reportedly occurring locally.

– Police, in conjunction with the Clearfield Borough Police Department, conducted a warrant service detail. They reported they attempted to serve 21 warrants. They indicated they were able to contact nine individuals. They said eight were able to provide funds to cover the amount of the warrant. They placed one individual in the Clearfield County Jail.

– Police responded to an incident of disorderly conduct at the Economy Inn along South Second Street. The incident was handled at the scene.

– Police were called about a phone scam. They were notified the Reader’s Digest reportedly sent a $4,000 check to a township resident. They indicated the resident was to cash the check and then send the currency back to Reader’s digest. Police have advised the resident not to do so.

– Police assisted a motorist who had driven into a small ditch along River Road.

– Police responded to a civil issue along Patton Street. They advised the owner to contact the magistrate.

– Police handled an incident of false reports. They said a juvenile made false allegations about a crime that hadn’t occurred. They said the incident was handled without resorting to the judicial system.

– Police received a report of theft due to failure to make required disposition of funds. They said the funds were paid, and there was no further incident.

Police Report: Clearfield PSP
Police Report: Clearfield Borough