Ag. Secretary Officers Tips for Residents When Buying by Weight or Volume

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HARRISBURG – Agriculture Secretary Russell C. Redding offered tips to help Pennsylvania consumers get full value for their dollar whenever they purchase items sold by weight or volume.

“Nearly all of the products we buy are sold according to weight, volume, length, count or measure,” Redding said. “To ensure fairness in the marketplace, state and local weights and measures officials work to help consumers, businesses and manufacturers get exactly what they pay for. Understanding what to look for when purchasing goods can help you to save money.”

Redding suggested the following tips for consumers:

-Always look for an up-to-date inspection approval seal on measuring devices, including fuel pumps and scales.
-Check that the device is set to zero before measuring anything.
-Pay only for the measured amount of product, not the packaging.
-Check your receipt to ensure the amount billed is the amount received.

Redding also suggested consumers download the “Getting What You Pay For” guide by visiting here and clicking “Publications” and selecting that publication name from the drop-down menu.

Gov. Edward G. Rendell declared Feb. 28 – March 6 as “Weights and Measures Week” in Pennsylvania, recognizing the 211th anniversary of the first weights and measures law enacted by Congress in 1799.

The commonwealth inspects scales that weigh everything from small-retail purchases to large-capacity trucks, truck-mounted fuel oil meters, liquid-petroleum gas meters, retail fuel pumps, and scanning systems in 49 counties, while 18 counties inspect their own devices.

If you find a faulty device, first contact the business operator. If he or she cannot or will not help, call the Department of Agriculture’s toll-free weights and measures consumer line at 1-877-TEST-007 (1-877-837-8007).

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