Plug Pulled on River Hill Power Plant Project

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KARTHAUS – A planned waste coal power plant project in Karthaus Township may have come to an end.

Reports are trickling in that the plug has been pulled on the multi-million dollar River Hill Power Plant construction project.

Ray Savel of the Quehanna Industrial Development Corporation said the project could not get a loan, which essentially killed the project. Savel and his board worked to help get funding for the project.

“It was a win-win situation,” Savel said of the power plant.

According to a report from Gant news partner WJAC-TV, “Company officials said the federal government wouldn’t give them a loan guarantee. They added that the loan guarantee would have given them instant credibility with lenders.”

Sithe Global Power LLC was developing the plant, which as already seen nearly $50 million invested into it.

State Rep. Camille “Bud” George also expressed disappointment with the news that the project was dead, but indicated their may be hope, however slim.

“I am angered and sorely disappointed about the apparent demise of the waste-coal power plant project in Karthaus.

“It may be in vain, but I can’t look at the investment already made and the potential for jobs, energy and environmental cleanup without attempting to resurrect this project.

“I have had a meeting this month with a firm interested in either partnering with or taking over the project. I don’t want to overstate the potential for this rescue, but until it’s dead and buried, I am going to push forward

“It is simply nonsensical to guarantee financing for nuclear energy and not do the same for a project that would utilize our abundant coal supplies.

“This project would rid Pennsylvania of millions of tons of waste coal that are polluting our waterways and detracting from scores of communities. It would employ the best technology to reduce emissions.

“We are not going to wean ourselves from coal overnight, and it is foolish to attempt it.

“Our nation has never tried clean coal, and if this is allowed to stand, it will be a severe blow to our attempts to be energy independent.”

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    State Representative George is correct on the merits of this project and wouldn’t this be a great project to use a bit of the Federal 757 billion dollar stimulus bill passed one year ago with the support of U.S.Senators Bob Casey and Arlen Specter. With over half of these stimulus dollars not being used one must wonder why our two U.S.senators haven’t obtained funds for this project or are they waiting for the fall election to draw near so they can they buy more votes for the senate democrat candidate with a big announcement at that time. In the meantime the project is halted, workers are not needed and the environmental cleanup is delayed. Or is it that we are just those gun toting, bible readers the President refers to that don’t really matter ? Duane Berry

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