• On Feb. 17 police were dispatched to meet with a man who was looking for his elderly father who suffers from Alzheimers.  The elderly man is originally from DuBois but currently lives in another city.   His son reported that the man had a habit of travelling back to DuBois. 
  • Police were dispatched to meet with a woman who was being harassed by a woman whom she was to have no contact with.
  • Police responded to Gateway Towers for an incident of criminal mischief on Feb. 18.  A woman stated that someone removed the security chain from her door by unscrewing the chain from the frame of the door.  The woman was going to report the incident to the housing authority and request a new lock and security chain be installed on the door.
  • On Feb. 18 police were called to Coyote Joes for a reported fight in progress.  Upon arriving at the scene police spoke with the bouncer who stated he escorted the man out of the establishment for fighting when he became combative and punched him in the jaw.  The bouncer did not want to pursue charges for being punched.
  • Police are investigating a hit and run on North High Street that occurred on Feb. 18.  Upon arrival police made contact with the caller who stated someone hit his truck in the right front fender and kept driving. 
  • On Feb. 19 police responded to a two-vehicle accident that occurred at the Beaver Drive and Division Street intersection.  Vehicles were moved off the roadway due to traffic backing up.  One vehicle had to be towed from the scene.  Drivers exchanged information.
  • Police responded to a call at the Fourth Ward Fire Department for a vehicle that ran over the curb and into the trellis and landscaping on the side of the building.  The driver was on his way to a fire just down the street and hit a patch of ice which caused the vehicle to go over the curb and hit the landscaping.
  • Police responded to a hit and run accident along Liberty Boulevard on Feb. 19.  The caller follwed the Wal-Mart delivery truck into the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Upon arrival, police met with both drivers concerning the incident.  The delivery truck driver struck the right side of the passenger vehicle causing damage to the front left tire of the truck.  An accident information exchange sheet was completed and given to both operators. 
  • On Feb. 20 police responded to a three vehicle accident at the intersection of West Park Avenue and Libery Boulevard.  Police obtained all driver and vehicle information.  A 1997 Jeep hit a 2003 Saturn.  The Saturn was stopped in traffic at the time it was hit, in turn the Saturn hit a 2008 Ford.  The Saturn had to be towed from the scene.  The other vehicles were able to be driven away.  No injuries were reported and the driver of the Jeep will be cited for the traffic violation.
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