LTE: Party Poopers

The Pennsylvania State Republican Party committee members have endorsed Tom Corbett for governor. He has no legislative experience and according to the Associated Press his major campaign contributor is a company with gas and oil connections. With the discovery of the Marcellus shale gas reserves, you connect the dots. Other large contributors include a mining company, charter school owner, GOP committee personnel, a Convenience store company, an energy company and a supermarket billionaire. Money has strings attached.

Same old back room deals. The people of Pennsylvania are not on their agenda.

In contrast, there is a grass roots movement to support Sam Rohrer for governor. The people of Pennsylvania are financing his campaign. He is indebted to us. He has 17 years of experience serving in the Pa.

Legislature and his primary goal for years has been the ELIMINATION of property taxes. Eliminating property taxes would free up money so landlords could reduce rents, businesses could expand and create new jobs, real estate sales would flourish and families could use these funds for options of their choice.

This will happen only if Sam Rohrer is elected to the governorship in the May 18 primary and Nov 2nd general election. Independent registered voters can’t vote in the Primary and Democrats can’t vote for Republicans. In order to get Sam elected, they would need to temporally register as a Republican.

We will only get property tax elimination with leadership from the governor.

There has never been a better chance to get this accomplished. It is time we started electing people with a different set of priorities. Support, spread the word and vote for Sam Rohrer. Find information at

Sandra Ioos

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