CCSWA Looks to Bolster Recycling Effort

CLEARFIELD – On Tuesday the Clearfield County Commissioners approved the preparation of a request for proposals to solicit disposal capacity proposals.

The commissioners gave their approval for this request following a presentation by Jodi Brennan, executive director of the Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority and Planning Department.

Brennan said this was part of the county’s solid waste plan, which needs to be completed once every 10 years. The county recently formed a Solid Waste Advisory Board to steer them in this endeavor. She added that she talked to the county’s current providers and that these providers have capacity for an additional 30-80 years.

Another component of the plan is getting the county in line with the state recycling goal. Clearfield County is currently at 25 percent, but the state would like to see the county at 35 percent. Brennan pointed out that this is difficult because the county is largely rural. She said the SWA is also facing a $90,000 deficit, which also makes pushing the recycling effort difficult.

Brennan said that Clinton County offered to help Clearfield County’s recycling effort. She said to be fair the county should see what other facilities they use might offer them in their recycling efforts.

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