Tips Offered to Help Increase Energy Savings

HARRISBURG – The Department of Environmental Protection is reminding the public that small energy conservation steps taken around the home can add up to significant savings and help consumers stretch their heating budgets.

DEP Secretary John Hanger said today that money-saving tips are available through the state’s “Turn Down, Seal Off, Save Up” initiative.

“Water heaters consume a large portion of a home’s energy usage, yet the hot water is only used occasionally,” said Hanger. “Turning down the thermostat on your water heater will help to conserve energy and save money. For every 10 degrees you reduce your water heater’s thermostat, you could save up to five percent on your overall energy bill.”

Adjusting the water heater’s thermostat is only one step in saving energy and money. Once the water is heated, it is typically stored in a tank before it is distributed throughout the house. Non-insulated tanks and pipes allow the hot water to cool before it is used. Applying insulation to the tank and pipes allows the heater to cycle less frequently and keeps water warmer until it is ready for use. Installing low-flow faucets and shower heads also will help reduce water usage and generate additional savings.

Hanger added that drafty windows and doors rob homes of warmth. Sealing cracks around windows, doors, electrical outlets, and vents keeps warm air inside and keeps cold air outside. Opening insulated draperies on sunny days will allow sunlight to naturally heat your home. Closing the draperies at night will help retain the heat.

“These and other small steps can add up to big savings and provide an increased feeling of security and comfort, even during the coldest winter nights,” said Hanger. “Remember: the less energy you use, the more money you save.”

For more information on energy savings tips, financial help to pay heating bills, and additional resources for staying warm, visit here or call 1-866-550-4355.

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