DuBois City Council Welcomes Lawhead as Part-Time CEO

DUBOIS – DuBois City Council welcomed Zach Lawhead as the part-time code enforcement officer with a big plate ahead of him. Lawhead is also the CEO for Lawrence Township but recently began working with the City of DuBois on Thursdays and Fridays.

One of the biggest areas that needs addressed by Lawhead is safety, especially after the recent fires. Council members said that rental properties are a big safety issue, stating the last three fires were at rental properties. Diane Bernardo said that State College has a great rental property program and urged Lawhead to look into it.

John “Herm” Suplizio said one of the first things that needs taken care of is the old Foxes Pizza, where there was a fire about four years ago. City Council is still receiving complaints about it. The percentage of money owed to the city was never paid.

Each council member is responsible for a ward and addressed their concerns regarding their respective wards. Bernardo suggested that Lawhead ride with her through her ward, the Fourth Ward, so that she could point particular issues out to him, especially since there are some unnamed alleys in the city.

Another area of concern were group homes that are being established in the city that are not registered. There is a zoning ordinance that requires them to be registered and provide parking for its residents.

Suplizio stated that the winter months would be a good time for Lawhead to familiarize himself with the issues and the area.

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