Philipsburg Couple Accused of Furnishing Alcohol to Minors Enters Guilty Plea

CLEARFILED – A Philipsburg couple who has been accused of furnishing alcohol to minors both entered guilty pleas during Centralized Court Wednesday at the Clearfield County Jail.

Martin Rebo, III, 39 of Philipsburg, pleaded to one count of furnishing alcohol to minors. Dawn R. Rebo, 40 of Philipsburg, pleaded to one court of disorderly conduct – engage in a fight.

Both had been previously charged with five counts each of furnishing alcohol to minors following a Nov. 7, 2009 party at their residence.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Tpr. Michael J. Berta, Jr. was dispatched to check the welfare of a juvenile that had returned home intoxicated from a party at the defendants’ residence. Police said the juvenile related others were still at the party.

Berta said he proceeded to the Rebo residence, where a female juvenile who identified herself as a friend answered the door. He indicated she had opened a slot to do so but never opened the door at his request.

In court documents, Berta said he heard some moving around inside the residence. He said he waited approximately two minutes before ringing the door bell a second time. He said at this time, Martin Rebo, III answered the door. He said he inquired about the juveniles’ location and asked to speak with them.

Bertha said he was told there weren’t any juveniles inside the home. He said the defendant then took him through his dining room to the patio, where he said everyone was at. He reported he only observed adults on the back patio.

Berta said he returned inside and asked both Dawn and Martin Rebo, where two specific juveniles were in the home. He said Dawn Rebo related they had both gone home. He said he then requested their address and contact information.

She related she didn’t have the information. She said her daughter was friends with the two juveniles, which had been named by Berta. He then reported the defendants’ daughter was located in the basement, hiding with three other juveniles. He said they all openly admitted to consuming alcohol.

Berta said he requested they line up so he could collect their contact information. He said they all had glassy eyes and dilated pupils. He said he smelled an odor of alcohol on each of them.

Berta noted that while gathering their information, a female juvenile lost consciousness. He said he then contacted the Philipsburg State Police, requesting they call Moshannon Valley Emergency Medical Services for the female juvenile. He said she was transported to the Clearfield Hospital for medical evaluation.

Berta said he interviewed two male juveniles who both related they had been drinking beer from a keg on the back patio. He said one male said he asked Martin Rebo, III if he could drink the beer. He said he was told he could do so if he stayed overnight at the residence.

Berta said both males related they had previously been drinking with the adults for over an hour on the back patio. He said one male related that he played beer pong with Martin Rebo, III and other adults at the party.

Two juveniles – a male and female – related Martin Rebo, III was aware that they were drinking alcohol at the party.

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