Anglers Invited to Presentation Regarding Gas Well Drilling

EMPORIUM – With the promise of increased Marcellus Shale gas well drilling in the region over the next several years, many people are concerned about the potential harm that could be caused to our local natural resources. The region appears posed to benefit economically from the energy rush, but a lot is on the line in an area defined by its vast tracts of unbroken forest, pristine mountain trout streams, and wilderness character.

On Jan. 5, at 6:30 p.m. in the Cameron County Courthouse, the Bucktail Watershed Association will be hosting a special presentation regarding the potential threats to our most precious resource, water. Jim Clark of Penn State Cooperative Extension will be the featured speaker and will be presenting “Gas Well Drilling and Water Quality.”

Following the 45-minute presentation there will be a 15-minute question and answer session.

After the presentation, the Bucktail Watershed Association will be sharing plans for the establishment of a volunteer water quality-monitoring network for portions of the Sinnemahoning Creek Watershed. Interested individuals will have a chance to sign up as volunteer monitors.

According to the Bucktail Watershed Association, “We, along with other local conservation organizations, are watchdogs for the Driftwood Branch and First Fork Watersheds. In other regions of the state, as Marcellus Shale gas well drilling has increased, there have been incidents where water quality degradation has occurred. As the Bucktail Watershed Association we are posed to work with our partners to prevent such degradation of our water quality resources in the Sinnemahoning Creek Watershed. Developing a volunteer monitoring network is a proactive measure that we can take to make sure the development of our natural gas resources occur in a manner that has the smallest negative impact on our watershed.”

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