Philipsburg PSP Offers Winter Driving Tips

PHILIPSBURG – The Philipsburg-based State Police issued driving tips for the winter weather season. They noted that a storm has been forecasted for Friday.

“Cold weather is upon us. It is imperative for motorists to be extra cautious,” Cpl. John A. Bacher said in a press release.

Bacher said motorist must be observant for freezing conditions, when crossing bridges and traveling roadways in higher elevations. He suggested the following tips:

*Drive the posted speed limit or slower where hazards dictate.

* If a motorist becomes disabled, they should remain inside their vehicle so long as it’s safe to do so.

If not, he said they must retreat to a place of safety away from and off of the roadway.

* Clear the vehicle’s windshield and all windows of frost, snow or any obstruction.

* Be sure all lighting, including emergency flashers, are in working condition.

* Be sure the vehicle’s tires are in good condition and properly inflated.

* Make sure the vehicle’s exhaust system is functioning properly. He said Carbon Monoxide is a tasteless, odorless gas that can be “fatal to occupants without warning.”

* Maintain one-half tank of fuel in the vehicle.

Bacher also noted that motorists should keep the following items inside their vehicles, including blankets, snacks, water, flashlights, small shovel, jumper cables, chain or tow strap, first-aid kit and highway flares or other reflective devices.

“Using these precautions as well as good commonsense will greatly reduce fatal or serious injury accidents and other tragedies that are related to winter driving,” he said.

In a second press release, police stated travelers who need information about roadway conditions are advised to utilize the following contact numbers.

* Commonwealth Roadway: 1-888-783-6783

* Turnpike: 1-800-331-3414

* Out of State Travel: 1-717-783-5186

Police said that motorists face a risk while driving on hazardous roadways. They said it is an individualized decision that must be based on skill level and experience.

Police emphasized that troopers will not give advice as to weather it is OK to travel on hazardous roadways, or if the motorist should make a particular trip. They said the best advice is to exercise caution, good commonsense and to be safe.

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