LTE: George and Gas Well Drilling

The hypocrisy of our politicians is appalling. In a recent newspaper article Rep. George blasts the business practices of the Pennsylvania gas drilling industry. Rep George states that the drillers are passing out millions in campaign contributions and lobbying efforts (translation: he didn’t get any) and are stiffing the Pennsylvania taxpayer. Excuse me Representative George, what would you call voting yourself a 50 percent increase in your pension? What would you call voting yourself a substantial raise in the dark of the night? What would you call granting yourself thousands of dollars in unvouchered expenses? If the gas industry is sticking to the taxpayer they must have taken lessons from you.

The only way we as taxpayers are going to stop this insanity at every level is to vote the incumbents out of office. “If their in their out.”

J. Kane

PS. Anybody know where Rep. George stands on the proposed tolling of Interstate 80?

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