LTE: Christmas Challenge

Have you started your holiday shopping? If your answer is yes, take a minute to think about where you shopped? Was it in your downtown? If your answer is no, where do you plan to do your shopping? If you answered these questions with “out of town”, you may want to detour the rest of your shopping into Downtown Clearfield.


With the birth of the Clearfield Revitalization Corporation (CRC), it’s very important to understand revitalizing Downtown Clearfield is much more than the 4-Step Main Street Approach: promotion, design, economic restructuring and organization. The CRC can implement this process. However, revitalization simply cannot happen. YOU are the most important factor to revitalization.

How can you support revitalization? Simple. BUY LOCAL!

Buying local is the baby step we all must take to kick-start Downtown Clearfield. For every $100 spent in locally-owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures. If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays local. If you spend online, $0 comes home. (reference)

Ever hear yourself saying “I wish we had…(fill in the blank)…in our town”? Then how can you expect new businesses, more selection or a healthier, stronger town to come alive without your investment? I am challenging you, as well as myself, to purchase your holiday gifts in Downtown Clearfield. We all know what Friday is—lets stay in town this year. There are many possibilities Downtown Clearfield has to offer this Holiday Season: outdoor and sporting goods, TV’s, home appliances, gifts for your home or office, candy for the kiddies (or the kid in us), local art, books and photographs, treat your loved one to a day at the spa, or lavish them in diamonds. Book a vacation, treat your family or friend with a gift card for eateries. Don’t forget to fill up your belly while you shop, too. Downtown Clearfield welcomes you. Spend a few hours, save money on gas and support your local merchants and invest in the future of YOUR Clearfield.

Kellie Truman
Main Street Manager
Clearfield Revitalization Corporation (CRC)

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