LTE: Who Needs a Good Mayor?

New York City was a frightening town until the 90’s: dirty, lacking obvious police presence, economically depressed and dangerous. Mayor Koch was in charge and our nation’s financial center was decaying. Mayor Dinkins succeeded in winning over Koch, but not much changed during these regimes. Not until Mayor Rudy Giuliani took charge with federal and state grant money did the city reclaim its rightful dignity, luster, stature, safety and friendliness, which it retains under Mayor Bloomburg. During this transition New York’s police regained their “finest” motto, street grime and crime diminished, entertainment returned and economics flourished. All USA is now proud of this majestic city!

Similarly for Clearfield, Mayor Patty Gilliland has filed, endorsed and supported economic grants for Clearfield totaling $7,985,000 to date. The voters can keep this going. The voters can and should reelect incumbent Mayor Patty Gilliland for a second term to insure continued federal and state grant funding, a viable and visible police force, economic advances and a progressive community in which to live, visit and enjoy.

Electing the right mayor does matter!

This is our opinion and recommendation as interested borough supporters and taxpayers,
James P. Moore and Audrey B. Moore

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