Update: Bear Alive and Well

CLEARFIELD – A large bear was stranded in a tree in the East End of Clearfield Borough Thursday for roughly eight hours.

Officials received a report that a large bear was in a tree on Daisy Street near the Sons of Italy in East End around 7 a.m. At roughly 1 p.m. a ladder truck was brough in by the Clearfield Fire Department to assist game commission officials in traquilizing the bear. After it was tranquilized, it took some time for the animal to make its way down the large tree. When it did come come, it fell about 20 feet, landing with a loud thud. The bear was up and around behind a resident’s shed before the tranquilizers took effect.

Before the bear came down, Wildlife Conservation Officer Dave Carlini of Clearfield County warned those gathered that such a thing might happen.

“This isn’t going to kill him,” said Carlini. “He’ll be bumped and bruised.”

Both Carlini and WCO Jon Wyant from the PGC Regional Office estimated the bear went between 400-450 pounds. Carlini said it was a large bear for this area.

After the bear was tranquilized and brought down, Carlini explained that it will be tagged twice. One of those taggings will say, “Do Not Eat.” He said it takes about 30 days for the tranquilizer to work its way through the bear’s system. The bear will be put into a bear cage and released in the Moshannon State Forest.

Responders from the Clearfield Fire Department, Clearfield Borough Fire Police the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Department, Clearfield Borough employees and Clearfield Borough Police Department assisted at the scene. Also assisting was WCO Mike Steingraber of Centre County.

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