LTE: Past Mayor to Current Mayor

For Mayor Patty Gilliland:

I would like to let (Clearfield) Mayor Patty Gilliland know when I was mayor of Curwensville I had no access to the evidence room either. I would ask why she needs access.

I understand security and chain of custody in evidence security. I worked full-time and didn’t want called into court proceedings because I had access to the files and evidence. The files were under lock and key. I had no desire to have that access.

I also delegated the scheduling to our police chief as I felt he had a good handle on the needs and conflicts. I did approve the schedule on a weekly monthly basis.

I did have access to the office and work areas of the police other than the evidence room or police files. I could be escorted into the evidence room by the chief and that entry recorded on the security and custody record as date, time, necessity/purpose should the courts request such evidence.

I understand that she does need access to her office and the restrooms. I don’t see how not having access to evidence or police files could hinder her ability to do her job.

I would never have burdened the taxpayers with $5,172.50 for a lawsuit. Many members of this community cannot afford school taxes, local taxes, county taxes, state taxes, and daily living expenses but she believes she is justified in spending $5,172.50 in tax dollars because she wants access?

I would ask that she rethink the issues and taxpayers expenses. I’m sure the folks in Clearfield are in no better financial shape than the folks in Curwensville are. Our needs grow in employment, and other areas which need developed.

Tommy Wingard
Past Mayor Curwensville Borough

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