DEP Cleanup Order Allows Former Brookville Gas Station to Become Public Park

Selker Brothers, Inc. Transfers Downtown Site to Historic Brookville, Inc. 

MEADVILLE – The Department of Environmental Protection has executed a consent order and agreement that allows the transfer of property in downtown Brookville from Selker Brothers, Inc. to Historic Brookville, Inc. for the development of a public park.

“This marks a new beginning for this property,” said DEP Regional Director Kelly Burch. “Previously, the site was home to a gas station where leaking underground storage tanks had contaminated the soil and groundwater. The parties have demonstrated the site will be safe for reuse as a park and the property is poised to become a center for public enjoyment and recreation.”

In 2006, Selker Brothers, Inc. removed three underground storage tanks from its former service station and found gasoline in the soil and groundwater, with some of the groundwater leaving the property. After Selker submitted a number of deficient investigation reports and remedial action plans to address the contamination, DEP in 2007 issued an order requiring Selker to submit a complete investigation report. Following litigation, Selker submitted the report in 2008 and DEP approved the remedial action plan in May 2009.

Under the consent order and agreement, Selker is responsible for demonstrating the site meets environmental remediation standards and agreed to pay a $12,500 penalty to the Pennsylvania Storage Tank Fund to be used for the inspection and cleanup of leaking storage tanks

The agreement requires Historic Brookville to take steps necessary to maintain the cleanup remedy at the property, to follow DEP guidance for any earth disturbance, and to prohibit the use of groundwater at the site.

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