Peale Bridge a Cause of Consternation for Commissioners

CLEARFIELD – A bridge in Cooper Township is causing problems for the Clearfield County Commissioners.

The Peale Bridge is in disrepair, and the county has a couple of options: fix it or close it. Peale Bridge is a county-owned bridge, according to Chief Clerk Lisa McFadden, that spans the Red Moshannon. One issue facing the commissioners is that the Centre County line is reportedly on the other side of the bridge. Solicitor Kim Kesner questioned was concerned where the line was and how Clearfield County might go about getting easements for any work on the bridge.

Clearfield County Commissioner Chair Joan Robinson-McMillen and Commissioner Mark McCracken also expressed concern regarding the Centre County side. According to both commissioners that side of the road is not drivable without four-wheel drive or high clearance. McMillen called it a ‘bridge to nowhere.”

The commissioners also mentioned that with past bridge closures, problems arose with people using the bridges regardless of posting of barricades. This brought up the possibility of demolishing the bridge.

The commissioners said the money may be better spent elsewhere, as they have three other bridge repair requests for county-owned bridges.

Before any decision is made, the commissioners want to hear from the public.

“We need to hear from our constituents,” said McCracken.

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