LTE: Remember Who’s Responsible

Well, it took three months for PA to put together a budget. One of the local House Representatives wrote a “Letter to the Editor” in the Progress more or less putting the blame on the Republicans because the budget wasn’t done. Well, not long ago, Gov. Rendell stood with the Senate Majority Leader and Senate Minority leader and announced they had come to a budget that passed the State Senate (Republican Majority) and they thought it was a very good budget, not as much money as the State Democrats wanted but they all agreed it included what was needed.

As of Oct 2 and the State House of Representatives have changed the budget bill because they wanted something different such as, taxes on cigars and smokeless tobacco prouducts, no taxes on tickets for raffles and games of chance, taxes on the exploration of Marcellas gas, they also don’t want the “protected” areas of the State Forest used for gas exploration, etc. They sent the bill back to the Senate with the changes they proposed and so we are still without a budget. Maybe what should be done in coming years is when a budget is not passed by July 1, ALL State Senators and House of Representatives should go without their paychecks, their health insurance should be stopped, their vehicles (that we pay for them to ride around in) should be taken away and any and all Per Diem payments should be stopped. I would imagine that a budget would be agreed on very swiftly.

I just hope that EVERYONE REMEMBERS WHAT THESE SO CALLED REPRESENTATIVES ARE DOING TO US so in the Primaries and the fall elections we VOTE ALL THESE – so called REPRESENTATIVES out of our congress and elect people that actually will care about what the people want and not what one party wants and the other party doesn’t so we are the ones being stuck. These lifetime policitians that have been in the Congress for years need to be replaced by people that will listen to the people and govern for the people, not for themselves. Many of them take credit for things they didn’t even do, just to get their pictures in the paper and look good. No wonder this State is in the condition it is in. Just remember what ALL the Representatives in the State and Federal government are doing to ALL of us.

C. Maines

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