Sandy Township Mining Operation a No-Go

CLEARFIELD – In contrast to the public hearing held a month ago by the Sandy Township Supervisors the vote on whether or not Tri-County Supply Resources, Inc. could mine was quick and with little comment.

Henry Daugherty, owner of Tri-County Supply Resources, Inc. had approached the supervisors to get permission to mine within the easements near Kilmer Road. Daugherty stated that he had been approached by United Electric who was planning on putting an underline cable in this section of his land. He wanted to mine this section of land while he still could.

Citizens in the area arrived in protest voicing concerns that this would either ruin their water sources, impact the environment and the mining trucks would make an already dangerous road even more dangerous.

At that meeting the supervisors wanted more time to think the matter over and check out the property.

Several of the citizens were present for the vote Monday night, but remained silent during public comment. The supervisors voted unanimously against allowing the mining to occur.

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