DuBois City Council Addresses Rumors of Snakes

DUBOIS – As dirt begins to get moved for the Wal-mart SuperCenter in DuBois rumors of snakes being forced off the property into the nearby residential area have begun to slither into the city’s phonelines.

“To my knowledge [the workers] found three snakes,” said Mayor John “Herm” Suplizio.

City Secretary Fran Lias said that she had only two calls from city residents, and neither left a phone number or name. The workers on the construction site, however, told her that they had dug up a nest of snakes and killed several.

The confirmed reports of snakes have been of water snakes, but rumors of copperhead snakes have also been heard. For the time being the city is assuming the copperheads were misidentified water snakes.

Reports have the snakes showing up in the Andrea Court area near Coke Hill.

In order to get a better hand on what is going on the city is asking snake sightings get called into them. Also, they would like the caller’s name and telephone number if when a sighting is called in so it is possible to get back in touch with that person if needed.

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