Hiring Practices Questioned at CASD, Again

CLEARFIELD – Two previous applicants expressed their concerns surrounding the hiring practices in the Clearfield Area School District prior to the board’s committee meetings Monday night.

“I am truly devastated and disappointed,” said Karen Ward, who recently applied for the assistant principal position at the Clearfield Area Middle School.

She said that she had received a phone call from Fred Redden, acting middle school principal, notifying her that she would not be taken to the board for consideration. She said it was the fourth such call that she has received from the district.

Ward said that she has been loyal and supportive of the district. She also said that the district has helped cover her educational and internship expenses.

“You’re not even taking advantage of it,” she said.

In addition, she said that she has welcomed the district’s interview feedback and used it as a learning experience.

Following her interviews, Ward said that she was told about her lack of passion and to shorten her answers. She said that she was also described as opinionated, which she, however, viewed as educated.

“I heeded their advice and bettered myself,” she said. “I have followed (the hiring process) and know these positions are often offered in-house.

“It makes me question a three-month hiring process that started in May. I just want you to know I truly am devastated.”

LuAnn Wisor, a four-year district substitute, said she wanted to make it “abundantly clear” that she would like to be a full-time teacher. She said that she attended the meeting to put a name with a face.

She said while in her role, she has served as more than a babysitter in a classroom. She said that she has presented classroom material, developed lesson plans and enforced discipline.

Wisor noted that she has been overlooked for a number of positions for which she has certification.

Wisor advised the board to pay closer attention to their substitutes.

“You have good teachers right under your noses,” she said.

Following the meeting, Superintendent Richard C. Makin responded to their concerns.

He said that since he has come on board, he has remained attentive to the district’s hiring practices.

“I don’t see any major flaws,” Makin said. He also said he believed they needed to do some work, however.

“We cannot hire everyone who applies, but their opinions are still important to me.”

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