Clearfield Borough Faces Discrimination Lawsuit

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough is facing a new lawsuit.

That announcement was made during Clearfield Borough Council’s committees meeting on Thursday night. Personnel Committee Chairman Fred Wisor announced that Clearfield Borough has received notice from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that Clearfield Borough Police Officer Michael Titus is suing the borough for age discrimination.

Wisor asked Mayor Patty Gilliland if she had been notified of this action.

“If he thought there was discrimination why didn’t he come to the proper people,” questioned Wisor.

Gilliland indicated that the dispute was over scheduling, and said that Wisor had sat in the same personnel meetings that she had regarding the police department.

Wisor said the way he understood it, Titus felt that due to his seniority he should get whatever shift he wanted. Wisor questioned how that was discriminating against Titus’ age.

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