Arm Wrestling Contest Draws Contestants, Competitors From All Around

CLEARFIELD – As registration for the first round was still going on Steve Simons of Simons Entertainment remarked on the large crowd present for the Clearfield County Fair’s first arm wrestling competition. The competition was brought to the fair courtesy of Simons Entertainment who hosts similar competitions around the country from California to New York. Competitors are tracked and a national ranking is developed every year with everyone who made it through the day.

The event results are periodically put up on Simons’ Web site for all to see.

“We’re proud of our record holding events all over the country. Most of them have been injury free,” said Simons.

During the instructional demonstration Simons explained that he would end a match that looked like injury was certain. The reason given as he’d rather see a match lost than someone injured.

There were seven main divisions split between gender and body weights. There were two round to the event. The first two were qualifiers where all a person had to do is win one match to progress to the finals. How many losses did not matter. The final was single elimination allowing for an undefeated contestant to lose to one who had only won once.

With each match the crowd cheered as locasl and contestants from nearly a 100 miles away competed.

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