Heritage Days Winds Down with Fundraiser

PHILIPSBURG – Heritage Days wound down on Sunday with a fundraiser.

As part of the Lady Mounties Basketball team’s fundraiser cow chip bingo returned this year to the football stadium. The fundraiser was originally part of the football team’s A new cow, named Vanish, contributed to the event this year.

Last year’s cow, Champ, took over two hours before deciding on a winner. Cow chip bingo works by having a cow place a cow chip on a square that corresponds to a number. The person that bought that ticket number wins $1000.

Vanish was guided and raised by Erica Smith, 12, of Spring Mills. Vanish’s next appearance will be in Harrisburg as part of a show.

Vanish only took thirty-nine minutes before picking her choice, John Jones of Philipsburg. She needed less persuasion beyond allowing a few minutes to eat the field’s grass.

Coordinators of the vent attempted to get in contact with Jones immediately afterward.

“I think the majority of the people who bought tickets do so year after year,” said Missy Yelsel, head coach of the Philipsburg Oceola High School girl’s basketball team.

There were 441 tickets sold including three tickets bought at the last moment to even out the grid. This brought in $2205. To the winner $1000 will go. The owner of the cow, Erica Smith, got $100 for it’s participation. After paying for the stand used to sell the tickets and the percentage due to the Philipsburg Heritage Days the basketball team earned $995. Roughly $200 more than last year.

“It is a major fundraiser we have for the whole season,” said Evelyn Witters, a Lady Mounties Booster Club representative.

This money will go towards paying league fees and the end of year banquet.

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