Loading Fees to Increase at DUJ

FALLS CREEK – Loading fees for flights leaving the DuBois Regional Airport will nearly double starting July.

This change will not affect individual aviators who fly for pleasure. They will mostly affect corporate-based flights.

The old rate was $1.00 per thousand pounds at take off. Over the last month the Clearfield-Jefferson Counties Regional Airport Authority had been looking at similar-sized airports in the area to get a feel for what is the current standard as the airport attempts to see revenue to return to black ink. It was known last month that the increase would be to at least $1.50 per thousand pounds.

Using Bradford and University Park as comparisons, the DuBois Regional Airport will be raising its rate to $1.90 per thousand pounds to remain competitive. The one objection was due to concerns over doubling the fee in one jump.

This will not affect companies who are under existing contracts. For everyone else who has to currently pay the fees the new rate will take effect July 1.

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