Spencer Fills Spot on CASD

CLEARFIELD – Dr. Michael Spencer was appointed to fill the vacant seat on the Clearfield Area School District’s Board of Directors at Monday night’s regular meeting.

“We welcome you back to the district. You haven’t gone far,” Superintendent Richard C. Makin said. “We look forward to working with you.”

Middle School Assistant Principal Fred Redden echoed the same thoughts, adding that they appreciated his willingness to serve on the board.

Prior to the vote, Spencer told the board that he had 37 years in education. He said he also had the experience and knowledge that would help the board through difficult situations.

Spencer also indicated that he would be elected to the board in the fall election.

Board President R. Denning Gearhart said that two others – Ralph Lingle and Randy Lemmo – had also expressed interest in the position.

Lemmo said he believed that Clearfield was a “great district with a great administration, faculty and staff.” He said that he also believed he could work effectively with the current board.

Lemmo, however, decided to pull his name from further discussion, since Spencer would be elected in the fall.

The board seat opened in early May, when Dr. Tina Serafini submitted her letter of resignation.

Prior to the May 11 budget work session, Board Vice psresident Dave Glass read Serafini’s letter to the board. He said that she submitted her resignation with a “heavy heart.”

Serafini said that she wished she could have accomplished more with the board but hoped the best for them in their future endeavors, according to the letter.

In her letter, Serafini said that she had chosen to resign in order to focus on family and health issues. She said that although she would not be present at meetings, she would still remain informed about board proceedings.

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