Nuisance Vehicles Discussed at DuBois City Council

DUBOIS – On Monday night DuBois City Council member Diane Bernardo presented to council some proposed changes to how the city handles motor vehicle nuisances. After speaking with a member of the police department, Bernardo came up with some proposed changes to attempt to solve a few situations where the officer said the city laws governing nuisance vehicles didn’t cover.

Some of the proposed changes included adding to what counted as a nuisance vehicle. This included adding any motor vehicle unable to move under its own power and vehicles left to sit so long they appeared to be abandoned in that spot.

The second topic involved doing something involving trailers that aren’t registered or licensed sitting around on properties and alleys. This would join the list of the 19 existing qualifying signs of a nuisance vehicle ranging from a flat tire to having a defect that could endanger the health, safety and well-being of a citizen in the city.

This portion originates from a DuBois citizen who is parking a trailer in an alley, which is blocking access, according to Bernado. Under DuBois ordinances there is nothing that can be done as long as the trailer moves two feet every 15 hours to show it was re-parked if the alley still has access for emergency service vehicles.

The third and final proposed change involved doing something about growing junkyards in DuBois. Bernardo mentioned three repair shops that have vehicles sitting on the property giving the appearance of a junk yard.

“From my perspective I’m pro business, but I’m definitely pro-neighborhood,” said Bernardo.

The proposed changes were tabled until they could be discussed at DuBois City’s Council’s next work session.

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