LTE: Support Clearfield High School Athletic Teams

The Clearfield Red and Black Club supports the Clearfield Area High School sports teams. We would like to offer our congratulations to the teams for a great 2008-09 season. You made the entire community proud of you.

The extra effort it takes to be involved in sports or extracurricular activities is not easy. It is a burden not only for the participant, but for the whole family. The Red and Black Club applauds and congratulates you on your successes.

We are currently getting ready for the 2009-10 season and as always need the help of everyone. We are planning both the football and basketball program. These programs are sold at the home games. To place an ad and to help these sports, please purchase an advertisement for your company. The ads are $55 for a ¼-page, $85 for a ½-page and $110 for a full page.

Our coaches will be contacting people who have been in the program before. But if you would like to place an ad, please call a coach or a Red and Black Club officer. You may list your name in the Bison Booster Page for $5 per person or $10 for family. If you just want to make a contribution, we will gladly accept it.

We believe in our youth and work hard for them. We want you to help and become involved. Send ads no later than June 30th; contributions are accepted anytime.

Our coaches do a great job, but if they missed you, now is your chance to help. For additional information or to place an ad, contact the Clearfield Red and Black Club, P.O. Box 906, Clearfield, PA 16830 or call an officer.

President Dave Campolong
Treasurer Russ Unick
Secretary Nancy J. Yeager
Bison Booster Page Peg Ingram

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